How to Make a Japanese Cocktail the Right Way

How to Make a Japanese Cocktail the Right Way

We find the Japanese title on this one a bit weird, obviously it’s not racist(right?🥃🤔) but it’s strange. The Japanese are well known for their higher end whiskey but we’re not sure why a Cognac based cocktail is considered Japanese. We’ve got some homework to do and update this one a bit later, sounds fun to research! But still what a strange name! Anyhow, haha…

This specific cocktail features Cognac as it’s main ingredient.. we much prefer utilizing Remy Martin as compared to Hennessy or Courvoisier(maybe it’s just because Courvoisier is impossible to spell from memory- thanks google). The reasoning is for us the subtle sweeter flavors of Remy Martin definitely compliment the Bitters and give it that proper balance that we’re seeking. But we’re not really snobs, have at it with whatever you prefer and got in your homebar!

Japanese Cocktail Ingredients:

  • 2 oz. Cognac (not Japanese)
  • .5 oz Orgeat (again, not Japanese. Or is it? not sure almonds are big over there lol 🥃😁)
  • 2 dashes angostura bitters (while they seem to have a rich history and originating in spain these do not seem be japanese either..)

How to Make a Japanese Cocktail:

Stir up all those not so Japanese ingredients with some ice and then we gently strain into our coupe glass! MAGIC! Now we’ve turned 3 definitely not Japanese ingredients into a Japanese Cocktail!  Way to work that alchemy. Now garnish that badboy with a Lemon Wheel and voila, you’ve got a solid easy cocktaill drink to relax and enjoy the evening with!


It’s almost as magical as our beloved nausea and headache destroyer. Our hangover solution: Mischief Manager!


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