Healthy Jello Recipe with Collagen

Healthy Jello Recipe with Collagen

Jello seems like a dessert food. The sugar rich package version probably feels on par with a candy bar. Despite that, an understanding of what jello actually is opens up a world of healthy possibilities. Jello is simply gelatin plus flavoring. When you dissolve the gelatin and cool it it becomes the amazing consistency of jello. Let’s learn how to take advantage of this.

Why gelatin?

Ramen, pho and broths have made a huge comeback recently for gut and health reasons. Heal the gut, heal the entire body! This is due largely to the collagen content in bone broth. What you might not know is the gelatin is collagen as well, and collagen will melt into . . . you guessed it, JELLO! If you want skin healthy and a healthy gut, jello is way more fun than chugging bone broth or supplementing collagen powders.

Improving Jello

Gelatin by itself will only make the jello texture, so it is an ideal carrier for a host of healthy additives. First we will need to sweeten it and give it flavor. A healthy juice is a good option here. Then, even better, we have a delicious medium in which to add whatever supplements or healthy ingredients we like.

The Collagen

The collagen itself will be near flavorless if you buy a hydrolysate version. If you get grass fed bone gelatin, it might taste like beef. Use whatever brand you like, we use this variety for it’s grass fed benefits and it’s clean flavor: Great Lakes Collagen 

The Recipe

Here’s an easy recipe for a healthy cherry juice or orange juice chia jello. You can make it in about 5 minutes, it’s that easy!

Preparing Chia Seeds:

To hydrate chia seeds, buy them cheaply in bulk. Then, simply add 1/3 cup chia seeds to every 2 cups of water. Let them sit overnight in the refrigerator to fully gel them. However, two or three hours will get them close enough.

  • 2 tbsp collagen/Gelatin
  • 1 cup cherry juice, cranberry juice, homemade lemonade or fresh squeezed orange juice (get creative with your flavoring!)
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds in 1 cup of water
  • Supplements(we love using vitamin C, magnesium citrate powder and even our own mischief manager! you could even make this more fun and turn it into jello shots ! :))
  1. Put the collagen in a sauce pan into 1/4 cup of the grape juice and stir until it mixes into liquid.
  2. Add the rest of the juice and slowly bring to a simmer, stirring the whole time.
  3. Once the collagen dissolves in the juice remove it from the heat.
  4. Add in the hydrated chia seeds (if not using chia seeds add an extra cup of juice)
  5. Add in supplements, for this specific damage control blend we used a tsp of vitamin c powder, a drop of vitamin d/k2 mix and a tbsp of green supplement. But we encourage you to get creative!! πŸ’—πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜
  6. Put mixture into any container (this will be the shape of your jello) and put it in the fridge.
  7. Wait 2-3 hours and you have healthy jello!



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