5 Prevention Tips for Hangovers

5 Prevention Tips for Hangovers

If you’re reading this article, chances are you love to drink . . . but need help with the side effects. What more, we all understand the basics of how to be healthy.  We understand the contract with our bodies when we begin drinking that this might not best aligned with that goal . . . but we like to drink more than we care. Like many things in life we have to learn the hard way with drinking on best practices for both health and hangovers. That’s why everyone has their own personal “hangover cure”. Here are five things based on the science of drinking that will either help your hangover or help your health if you decide to drink:

Tip 1: Eat a Starchy Meal Before Bed

Alcohol temporarily boosts our blood sugar levels, making us feel great until they crash down again. Having the “hair of the dog” might even be a quick fix for low blood sugar levels. Your best bet here is to have something starchy before you sleep, it will aid your body int he recovery process and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Some protein is fine, but avoid a lot of as it will compete tryptophan absorption. Try for vegetables and starches. You know you love a late night taco.

Tip 2: Supplemental Sleep Control

Let’s face it, drinking is the enemy of a good night’s sleep. We know we will probably be tired the next day after a night out, and we hate it. All these tips should help with sleep but here are three additional ideas. Make sure you limit light exposure before bed especially on nights that you are drinking, and if you can try to keep the lights in the orange/red spectrum. This will help with melatonin production. Which leads us to our second tip: supplement melatonin on nights you are drinking. It will help you get deeper sleep. Finally, if you take a quick shower before bed, when you get out your body temperature will lower and you will actually get better sleep. Sleeping in a cold room has a similar effect.

Tip 3: Acetaldehyde management

When we drink our livers break down alcohol into acetaldehyde, giving us a euphoric buzz. This is incredibly toxic to us however. Luckily a recent discovery suggests that supplementing DHM effectively aids in dealing with acetaldehyde. Supplement DHM on your night out to give your body an edge. Here’s what you are looking for, although we don’t have a preference on suppliers so feel free to source yours wherever you like.  Buy DHM 

Tip 4: Nutrient Replenishment

As soon as we begin drinking our body begins dumping nutrients into our blood stream. Magnesium begins dumping upon the first sips. That leaves us thoroughly depleted by the end of the night and in desperate need for replacement. A healthy meal before bed can help but vitamin supplementation is never a bad idea. Just remember when you are drinking and/or hungover you are desperate need of nutrition and that should be a priority.

Tip 5: Meditate

Meditating stimulates the alpha wave generation and sends us nicely into a deep nourishing sleep, the time when our body regenerates itself and repairs the damage we did to it. Try laying down and doing some deep breathing, use a guided meditation or a meditation app like Calm, or even do some light stretching. A brief focus on stress relief and winding down before bed will help in your recovery.

Final thoughts

There are many more things to do but these 5 tips are guaranteed to help you with your love affair with alcohol. Any improvement in both your health and saving your next day is worth the work and effort. 
Based on our own bad experiences with alcohol and our own goals of being healthier, we decided to formulate a science informed product that would not only minimize the impact of alcohol but help prevent the symptoms of hangovers. Read more  about Mischief Manager over here.

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